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Kids Run

Univé Maastrichts Mooiste is not only for youth, adults, seniors and everyone in between.

On Sunday there’s a real running race for elementary school youth from groups 1 to 8. A super sports experience for Kids.


Do you want to join in Univé Maastrichts Mooiste with your classmates, then the Kids Run is your choice! Every participant will receive a special t-shirt when collecting the startnumber


Registrations for the Kids Run can be made online, day regsitrations are only possible when not all places are sold out.
De costs for the Kids Run are € 6,00.

Register Kids Run


Starting times

08:45 uur  
All groups 4-8 gather at the Markt
09:00 uur
Start group 8 girls / boys
09:15 uur
Start group 7 girls / boys
09:30 uur
Start group 6 girls / boys
09:40 uur
Start group 5 girls / boys
09:50 uur
Start group 4 girls / boys
10:30 uur
Prize ceremony
09:45 uur
All groups 1-3 gather at the Markt
10:00 uur  
Start group 3 girls / boys
10:10 uur
Start group 2 girls / boys
10:20 uur
Start group 1 girls / boys
10:30 uur
Prize ceremony


Car, bike, public transport or walking

We advise you to come by bike, on foot or by public transport, if possible.

Keep in mind that the shops in the centre of Maastricht are open on Sunday from 12 o'clock, parking fee apply on all parking places

Read more about accessibility


Start & finish

The Kids Run will take place at the cityhall at The Markt, make sure you are there 15 minutes in advance of your starttime.

Collect startnummer

Pathé Maastricht, Sphinxcour 1

Collecting your startnumber for the Kids Run is possible on saturday june 10 from 01:00 PM till 06:00 PM and on sunday from 08:30 AM till 03:00 PM at Pathé Maastricht. You will also receive the special Kids Run t-shirt at this location.


The participants for the Kids Run will run , depandent of their group 1,2 or 3 laps around the cityhall, each lap is 400 meters

Of course we hope that you will cheer them in their race to finish.

Group 1,2,3 1 lap
Group 4,5,6 2 laps
Group 7,8 3 laps


Be Relevant

People like to read about sports. With more than 7,000 participants on Sunday and a multitude of visitors - many people are involved in Univé Maastricht Mooiste. Would you like to be present as press? Request for a press accreditation



Share beautiful experiences

Throughout the year more than hundred volunteers are busy with the organization of Univé Maastrichts Mooiste. Together, the volunteers care about a great sports event.